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TankWatch: backed by FPU’s Quality Service Commitment
(Available exclusively to propane customers)

Never go empty again with TankWatch, FPU’s remote tank monitoring system. TankWatch constantly monitors the level of gas in a propane tank and when it’s time for a fill, the system automatically notifies the local FPU office and schedules a delivery.

  • Avoid running out of propane
  • Enjoy greater peace of mind with constant monitoring &
    instant re-fill updates sent to FPU
  • No maintenance or scheduling of deliveries is required
  • Ideal for second homes
  • Durable, weather-proof & worry-free

TankWatch Pricing

A one-time cost of $50.00 for installation and a $5.00 per month monitoring fee (billed semi-annually or annually) after initial payment in advance for monitoring. A $100.00 termination fee applies.

Commitment to Quality Service

Should Florida Public Utilities allow a monitored tank to run out of fuel, we will provide residential customers with a credit of $50.00 towards future fuel purchases. Tampering with monitor could result in a runout that would not be covered by FPU’s service commitment policy. Restrictions may apply. Some areas may not qualify for TankWatch.

To sign up for TankWatch or to receive more information, please call 888.220.9356 or contact us here.