Why Choose FPU?
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Why choose us for the purchase and installation of your gas appliances?

Because with almost 100 years of experience, we can help you with all your natural gas, propane and electric needs.

You know that you can depend on us to provide you with outstanding products and service, as we have for almost 100 years now. You can trust us to put our years of experience and knowledge to work for you. We have researched the highest performing, top-quality gas appliances for your home and brought them all together here for you. We have negotiated the best pricing possible with local distributors and have established relationships with a select group of professionals in your area to provide top-quality service and installation of your gas appliances. These Energy Partners are dedicated to providing you with outstanding customer service and care. They must each successfully complete our qualification process to earn the privilege of providing our customers with quality plumbing, electrical, installation and repair service for gas appliances.

Our Energy Partner program

In addition to having current business licenses, industry certifications and insurance, each Energy Partner must uphold our high standards of excellence. This includes being professional in all aspects of their work, maintaining a safe work and community environment, exceeding your expectations, working and acting in a timely manner and being accountable.


No need to waste your precious hours searching and shopping to find the best gas appliances, arranging for delivery, and then finding the tradesmen you will need to install them.  We do it all for you. Easy selection and purchase of appliances, free delivery, expert installation and haul away/ recycling of your old appliances.